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Smoothie recipes

A smoothie is a delicious drink that is also useful for health and figure. For its preparation, various ingredients can be used: fruits, berries, milk, juice, yogurt, etc. we Offer you 20 smoothie recipes from which you can choose your favorite drink

Smoothie " Pineapple passion»

This thick drink is sure to satisfy your hunger.

Per 1 serving:

1 Cup low-fat vanilla yogurt

6 ice cubes

1 Cup pineapple slices

Whisk the yogurt and pineapple slices in a blender until smooth. Add ice cubes to the drink

Energy value, kcal: 283


Strawberry and kiwi smoothies

This drink is high in fiber, polyphenols and vitamin C will be useful to all who care about their health

For 4 servings:

1 ¼ Cup chilled Apple juice

1 sliced ripe banana

1 sliced kiwi

5 frozen strawberries

1 ½ tsp. spoon of honey

In a blender, whisk all the ingredients until smooth.

Energy value, kcal: 87


Banana-blueberry soy smoothie this delicious drink will remind you the taste of summer. In smoothies, you can not add sugar, because fruits and berries may well replace it.

For 2 servings:

1 ¼ Cup light soy milk

½ Cup frozen blueberries

half a sliced banana

2 tsp. tablespoons of sugar or 2 sachets of artificial sweetener

1 tsp. spoon vanilla extract

Combine 1 Cup milk with berries, banana, sugar or sweetener and vanilla, beat all 20-30 seconds until smooth. Then add the rest of the milk to make the smoothie thicker.

Energy value, kcal: 125


Smoothie " Tropical perfection»

This thick smoothie like a milkshake, will make you experience the heavenly bliss and transport you to a tropical island.

Per 1 serving:

1 chopped papaya

1 Cup low-fat yogurt

½ Cup fresh pineapple slices

½ Cup crushed ice

1 tsp. spoon coconut extract

1 tsp. spoon of Flaxseed

Combine all ingredients in a blender and whisk for about 30 seconds until smooth.

Energy value, kcal: 299


"Just delicious" smoothie

This drink will be a little bad for the figure. However, it is unlikely that you will be able to resist the temptation and not try this delicious smoothie.

For 2 servings:

1 Cup 1% milk

2 tablespoons low-fat vanilla yogurt

½ Cup peaches

½ Cup strawberries

1/8 tsp. spoons of ground ginger

2 tsp. tablespoons whey protein powder

3 ice cubes

First, whisk with a blender all the liquid components of the drink (milk, yogurt) with protein powder. Make sure the powder dissolves evenly and does not form lumps. Then add the peaches, strawberries and ginger. To make the smoothie thicker, you can add ready-made oatmeal, and if you want a liquid cocktail, then throw more ice cubes.